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"One Man's Journey Across the Rapture"

Article by Lee A. Hardy

©2004 How To Publishing, all rights reserved.

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You wake up in the morning, just as you had day after day for the last twelve years of your life. You look over your shoulder to wake up your wife but all you see is her nightgown on her side of the bed. Thinking it was strange for her nightgown to still be under the covers and just over the top of her pillow, you smile and conclude it must be one of your wife's cute little jokes.

After being just a little amused by your wife's silly attempt at humor with her nightgown, you suddenly become annoyed when you walk into the kitchen and realize she didn't fix your breakfast. Smiling, you remember the little argument the two of you had last night about you not being able to do anything for yourself around here. "So she's teaching me a lesson," you mumble softly to yourself, "so this is her idea of teaching me a little fend for myself lesson. I'll show her," you say with a huff, "I'm perfectly capable of making my own breakfast."

After realizing you had no idea of what you were doing, you gave up and decided to stop off on the way to work for something to eat, and then started mumbling under your breath, "some wife, sneaking off to work and leaving me here to starve to death," you say sheepishly, now talking out loud to yourself, "not that I would tell her I couldn't make my own breakfast. I'll just tell her I wasn't hungry when I got up this morning, that's all." Knowing she wouldn't believe you, you smile and decide you had better drop by the flower shop and pick up some roses on your way home from work.

While stepping out of the house and locking the door, you look around and notice how quiet the neighborhood seems. "Am I up too early," you ask yourself, while checking your watch, "nope, I'm right on time. Maybe John and Roger are both just running a little late." Surprised by John's tardiness, you mumble indignantly to yourself, "well, look who's late today. Mister always on time John. The one who's always preaching to me that timeliness is next to Godliness every time I walk out my door just a few seconds late." Thinking you finally could throw his own words back at him, you smile, note the moment of his tardiness, get in your car, and start driving to work.

Noticing there's not as much traffic on the road, you smile with glee as you freely drive down onto the freeway. As you were speeding down the freeway, it suddenly hit you that there is no one else out on the freeway. "Am I the only one," you ask yourself, a little nervously, "going to work today or what?" thinking it must be some kind of holiday you must have forgotten about, you calm down and continue driving to work. "I bet I'm the only one stupid enough to come to work today," you say to yourself, smiling now, "it must be George Washington's birth..." stunned by the vision on the side of the road, you become silent.

Glancing toward the side of the road, you notice a car turned completely over on its hood. Shocked by the horror of the twisted wreckage, you slow down to make sure it isn't your wife's car. After confirming that it isn't your wife's car, you look curiously around for the bodies and blood from the accident but you see nothing. Concluding the police must have cleaned up the bloody mess last night, you continue driving to work, with your heart pounding just a little faster.

A few minutes later, you see three more cars in a ditch on the side of the freeway. You slow down again and check for the bodies and signs of blood and guts. To your amazement, you again see nothing. Feeling a little worried, you continue driving to work, telling yourself you'll call your wife when you get to work to make sure she's ok.

Moments later, you see yet another pile up of cars on the side of the freeway. Some cars tipped completely over and some just driven face forward into the ditch. Strangely, you still see no dead people or signs of gore. Gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles, you dart your eyes to your left and right and continue driving to work. "What's going on around here," you whisper to yourself, with a slight sound of panic in your voice, "was it some kind of police chase last night? Was there ice on the road last night or something like that?" almost expecting an answer, you gather yourself together and uneasily continue driving to work.

Just before reaching the off ramp to your place of work, you arrive at an incredible scene more amazing than the last. An enormous airplane had crashed into the ground about a mile to the left of the freeway. Stunned by the scene, you carefully pull your car to the side of the freeway and step out onto the shoulder. Not being able to see much, you move slowly to the accident. Half way to the giant plane, which was still in flames, you notice a group of people sitting on the grass about eighty feet away.

Thinking these people sitting on the grass were injured passengers of the crashed plane, you begin walking briskly toward them and yelling, "Are you guys ok?" but to your amazement, they say nothing. Starting to feel things were getting a little eerie, you slow down your pace and start walking gingerly toward the silent group of people that seemed to be sitting there staring into space.

After reaching them, you say softly, "You guys ok? You need help? Hello, can you guys hear me?" "They're gone," began an elderly woman, "they're just gone. They're all gone." "You talking about," you ask softly, while pointing towards the plane, "the people on that plane there?" "No," she continued, almost screaming, "everybody, they're all gone everywhere!"

Thinking she was just a crazy old lady, perhaps in shock from the accident, you tell her you were going for help and you start running back to your car. After frantically getting back into your car and making your way up the off ramp, you start looking around for a policeman. While looking around however, to your horror, you notice more cars crashed into buildings, gas stations in flames, and people just sitting on the ground crying and clinching what seemed to be clothes. Pulling up to a young man sitting on the curb holding what appeared to be a dress and crying hysterically, you asked, "What in the world is going on around here?" "She's gone," began the young man, still crying, "She's just gone! There're all gone! There're all just gone!" "What are you talking about," you ask, while fearfully looking at all the chaos around you, "who's gone," you demand, while getting out of your car and quickly running up to the young man, "and where did they go?" "I was driving," the young man continued in tears, " and she just disappeared! One second she was sitting there talking to me about where she wanted to stop and eat breakfast, and then she was just gone! She just disappeared and her dress just dropped into the seat of the car! She just disappeared!" "That's impossible," you scream impatiently at the young man, almost violently, "people don't just vanish into thin air you crazy nut job! It's just not possible!" "They say it's the Christian rapture," came an old man's loud and scratchy voice, while hysterically running up to you and the young man, "you know, that rapture thing those religious nuts kept talking about for so many years! Well man, guess they was right! It's all over the news man! They're saying on the radio that people all over the world just up and disappeared! It's some wild and crazy stuff man! They're saying the only people that disappeared were Christians! They say people driving along the road just started vanishing and their cars just up and crashed! It's a trip everywhere man! They're saying airplane pilots are disappearing all over the place and their planes are just dropping out of the sky man! It's crazy man! It's happening all over the world man, it's not just here!" Frustrated by his ranting, you rush the old man and grab his shirt in your fists, while practically lifting him off the ground, "Look you crazy old man," you screamed, as the old man fell docile in your grip, almost needing you to bring some sanity to the situation, "I don't know what you think you heard on the radio, but what you're talking about is crazy! It's some kind of sick joke! You hear me old man! This whole thing is just someone's idea of a crazy sick joke!" As you stared angrily down at the old man, your heart sunk as you noticed tears welling up in his eyes, "You think," the old man said, wiping a falling tear with his left hand, as you loosened your grip on his shirt and carefully lowered him to the ground, "you really think it's all just some kind of sick joke man?" "Sure," you said, trying to sound calm and confident, "I mean, what else could it be? It's just some big joke." As you looked away from the old man, you allowed your eyes to study the scene around you, "it's got to be some kind of a joke," you whisper again, now trying to convince yourself, as your gaze fell upon a woman across the street, rocking back and forth on the sidewalk, "My little Sarah! Somebody help me find my little girl! Please," came the woman's voice over the sounds of the burning buildings, the screeching cars racing down the street, and the endless sea of people stumbling around crying for their loved ones, "can somebody please help me find my little girl! Could someone please help me! Please! Please!" You stare hopelessly at the woman for what seemed an eternity, and then noticed she was holding an empty dress about the size of a little girl. Concluding it must have been the dress the little girl was wearing when she vanished, a wave of horror drained through your body, as a brutal realization struck your mind, "My wife's nightgown," you state softly, as the pain of your thoughts start to overwhelm you, "when I woke up this morning," you continued, tears welling up in your eyes, "all I saw was her nightgown in the bed next to me," you mutter, with a single tear making its way down your cheek, "I didn't see my wife this morning," you whisper softly, with tears falling freely, "I thought she left for work before I got up. She never does that. She never..." without finishing your horrifying thoughts, you drop down onto the curb next to the young man still clinching the garments of his vanished girlfriend, place your face in your hands, and start to weep uncontrollably, "She told me it," you state, sobbing into your hands, "she told me it would happen! She tried to get me to believe! She tried to get me to go to church with her! She...she..." not able to finish your thoughts, you simply sob and sob and sob next to the young man on the side of the road with the sounds of the woman's pleas for help still reaching your ears. Seeing you collapse to the ground in tears, all hope left the old man, as he made his way to the ground and curled up against your back, "what's going to happen to us now," came the muffled and tear filled stutter of the old man's voice, "what's going to happen now man," he continued, sobbing uncontrollably, while moving as close to you as possible, as if a child trying to hide from a coming storm, "what's going to happen now?" Trying to pull yourself together, you turn towards the old man, grab him up in your arms, and embrace him close to your chess, "I don't know," you said softly, trying your best to calm the old man, "I don't know."

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